What happens to you when you get a migraine headache? You probably reach for a pill seeking relief. Did you ever consider what happens to women who are pregnant and get migraine headaches? I want to share some information that will be welcome news to those women who are both pregnant and get migraines.

The world literature is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of papers detailing studies on the use of low-power lasers to treat various conditions. The purpose I would like to address is the use of cold laser also known as low level laser therapy in treating migraine headaches. Furthermore the topic will be narrowed down to how it is particularly effective for pregnant women with migraines.

Some migraine medicines should not be used when you are pregnant because there is a lack of evidence of safety.Laser is essentially a concentrated beam of light, used properly it is safe. It is known that infra-red laser beams will penetrate to various depths, depending on wavelength (the 830 nanometer [nm] wavelength will penetrate to a depth of nearly 5 cm). When the beam hits the cells that line small arterioles, nitric oxide (a vasodilator) is released, thereby increasing local blood flow.

The increased blood flow acts to relax even the tiniest arteries on a large scale. This eases the restrictive and painful forces on the blood vessel. An additional benefit is that the laser will “desensitize” local nociceptors, thereby decreasing or eliminating pain at the site. There is also some evidence that the laser beam will decrease inflammation, especially chronic inflammation. All without side effects. This affords a viable way to treat pregnant mom’s and be safe for their baby’s.

This should come as great news. The insurance hierarchy still is behind by many years. It is my hope that the procedure quickly becomes a reimbursable event. It is much safer using light energy then using pain medications and botox, some of the more often used remedies that are reimbursed by the insurance companies.